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After over 40 years of activity, our Firm looks towards the future with optimism, thanks to the strong relationships developed in the years with its customers and to several prestigious national and international firms.
Established in 1972 by Vitale Pasquale, the Firm has the main intent of advising the client on legal matters of tax, accounting and helping him in his path of development. The Firm’s professionals cooperate synergistically to offer an interdisciplinary consultancy and are committed to achieving the goals of our clients.
In line with this commitment, the Firm has adopted a best practice management approach and developed professional partnerships with Italian and European firms.
The Firm’s organisation and professional activities are based on a strong code of ethics developed over many years. Embracing a culture of quality and integrity, the Firm strives for continuous improvement and maintenance of the utmost quality standards for both its client’s and its own interests. The Firm assures clients of the highest level of confidentiality in both the use and storage of Client information.